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Welcome to Natural Wisdom. Founded by Glenn Sullivan to offer men and women support and guidance through their process of healing, the work he offers brings empowerment and transformation and aims to create a fully intergraded path of authenticity and loving presence for all. Glenn provides one to one spiritual guidance and healing sessions In Dublin & through out Ireland, as well as year round workshops with his life partner Bebe Gardner. 

In developing a more Transpersonal view of the world and the cosmos, we gain insight into the reality we have created, and this work finds ways to awaken us to our full potential through the use of meditation, awareness practices, breath work and shamanic non-ordinary states of consciousness.
So what is Shamanism?
Shamanism is thousands of years old, some say 70,000 years old, some say older, but it certainly is the oldest recorded form of spiritual practice. It was, and still is for many, the primary spiritual practices for indigenous cultures around the world. At one point in our evolution we were all Shamanic practitioners. Shamanism is not a religion and one can use the practices without being in conflict with other spiritual paths. One of the most attractive things about Shamanism is its spiritual democracy there is no hierarchy; it is all about personal empowerment. It provides various tools with which we can come to acquire trust in our own ability to find wisdom within. Many Shamanic traditions draw on the Spirit Realms for knowledge and wisdom, the Spirits ‘give’ information or insight. There is another way of looking at this and that is that all you see is a reflection, a mirror within which to explore our consciousness.
And how does that fit within an Awakening path and what do we mean by ‘Awakening’?
Awakening can mean different things to different people but essentially it’s about awakening to our full potential. This is of course an evolving journey and one of the ways in which Shamanic practices are a valuable tool is by helping us to attune to a unifying field in which we can explore the mirror of ourselves and find our inner guidance. Through this process we begin to ‘wake up’ to our true nature and our previously contracted approach to life can take on a new, expanded and enriched flavour. 
Herein lies an invitation to explore human consciousness and its evolution through Shamanism and Awakening.
Join us on one of our workshops as we explore with the use of Shamanic Ritual, Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Meditations, Trance Dance, Breath-Work & Fire-Walking. We run one day and weekend workshops as well as Shamanic apprenticeships, giving you the opportunity to use these tools and techniques for healing & empowerment. We fully support those of you wishing to take these tools into the wider community. 
Courses and workshops are a set price.
All one to one sessions with Glenn are on a hourly rate of 65 Euros and are usually 2 hours long, their are held at the Hearvest Moon Holistic Centre Lower Baggot Street Dublin City Centre & Through Out Ireland.
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